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Modena Cathedral, Ghirlandina Tower and Piazza Grande Heritage Site since 1997


Educational resources


Thanks to a collaboration between the Museo Civico d’Arte and the Cathedral Museums, in the school year 2013/14, a project entitled A scuola con l’Unesco (‘At School with UNESCO’) took place. The diverse range of teaching proposals, addressed to all types and levels of school, aims to make even the youngest citizens aware of the Cathedral, Piazza Grande and the Ghirlandina Civic Tower, thus increasing their sense of belonging to this community and territory, and also promoting an awareness of being heirs and guardians of an asset recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site to be handed down to future generations.

Eight educational itineraries were produced, addressing various aspects of the national school curriculum: they may be broken down into various proposals relating to which particular educational target they are aimed at, and at what point in the education process; they normally involve an in-class meeting, a visit to the Site and a workshop. It is possible to extend the itineraries to other sections of the curriculum, simply by agreeing the times and forms of intervention with the project coordinator.


For schools coming in from outside the city of Modena, it is possible to concentrate the two meetings into a single day.


The project not only forms part of the Itinerari scuola-città (‘school-city itineraries’) offer, provided by Memo (the Sergio Neri Educational Resource Centre of Modena) and Modena City Council; it also provides a free and optional training course for teachers, for which enrolment may be completed via the website


Teaching Materials 



Coordinator Teaching Activities
Luana Ponzoni
+39 059 203 31 15


Educational Workshop Operator
Simona Pedrazzi
+39 059 203 31 19